The Krochet Kids are alright

It's so exciting to learn about a brand that goes the extra mile. Krochet Kids just marked their 10th anniversary empowering people: to rise above extreme poverty and further! At Wyld Woman we admire people creating positive trade opportunities. Trade, not aid is what we sing in the morning. 

 The good people's goal: to create a long-lasting impact through the empowerment of women (Wohoo!). The tools are training and wages. Both at a scale, that allows to rise above extreme poverty and further. 


Krochet Kids has now expertise and knows what works well! They have achieved to affect a woman's family and community. Giving their experience, it is only logical to go a step further. In this sense they launched their non-profit organisation Capable. We understand Krochet Kids has always worked with Mentors and Social workers. These are the people that are now standing behind Capable. The websites' blog lets one know: 

 "CAPABLE will continue to provide life-changing education, mentorship, and financial services to women employed by Krochet Kids intl." 

Their work goes beyond their manufacturing communities. For example, spanning rural communities throughout Northern Uganda. 


At the same time, Krochet Kids will continue creating trade opportunities by selling their fashionable designs. They are successful selling at 25 stores in the USA, even at Topshop. A real accelerator of the program was to be chosen by Nordstrom. 


Wyld Woman is a big fan of enterprises like this. Not at last, because they are asking the right questions. Such, as:  "How do we make apparel more HUMAN and bring the makers back to the forefront of the buying conversation?"

So, they launched another company called Known Supply. A shop curating clothes from various brands. Possibly, it can give a sales opportunity to new brands they are acting as incubators for.


 Below find our all-time Krochet Kids favourites! 

.. And the love tank  <3


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