About Wyld Woman Jewellery

Inspired by Clarissa Pinkola Estes book, ‘Women Who Run With Wolves’, the brand carries the message of the wild woman from this book. The wild woman is the part in all of us who achieves self-discovery from collecting bones. 


Jewellery is a great translation of these bones. The bones are a metaphor of parts of ourselves, that we have lost. Therefore, I love the idea of designs representing pieces found at shore, as in the TETHYS ANCIENT SEA collection. A washed-out piece, lying in the sand, being washed ashore after hundreds of years. I make these pieces working with real finds and clay.


The SAMATA collection is inspired by life-affirming yoga postures including the ‘Wild Thing’ heart-opening pose. In yoga tradition Samata stands for the mental conditions of harmony and balance.


The first collection TO BE STILL is motivated by meditation, that teaches stillness and simplicity. Unique and beautiful, the minimalistic pieces say, I’m perfectly right, just here where I am, the way I am.


Each piece is hand-crafted in the UK from ethically sourced and sustainable materials.
Enjoy to shine, Eva x 






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