Our Approach to Ethical Production

Eva Bittmann
Founder/ Creative Director of Wyld Woman Jewellery.

Fair Wages

For us it has never been about only producing locally. It is about finding a trusted supplier. We love to work with artisans from all over the world. For the first year we have only produced in London. But now we feel we want to work with artisans in Africa and Asia as well. The key to us is that we pay fair wages, regardless of where an artisan operates. Because we are one world, and we have to treat our neighbours with the same respect that we want for ourselves.

Sustainability & Ethical Sourcing

Wherever we can, we are using recycled metals, and we even re-use gemstones.  

We're constantly on the lookout for ethical mines, of which we can buy directly. Even so, we didn't start yet to incorporate gemstones in our designs.

To be fair, to use only gemstones from ethical mines, means to use only gemstones from mines in first world countries. Especially mines in developing countries can't afford to fulfil the required regulations. Still, the mines are the livelihood of thousands of people in such an area. 

At some time we will want to use gemstones that are not available from an ethical mine, and we feel that it is important to support mines in developing countries too. However, in this case we want to give back to a cause that fights for miner's rights and safety and/or for environmental protection, in the respective area.

Giving Back

10% of  sales of our Mermaid Necklace are going to Mermaids UK. A charity that supports the transgender community. (Read more here: Mermaids UK)

5% of our overall profit is going to Greenpeace Amazon Rainforest Protection, because there is no Wyld Woman without a wild, ancient forest.  (Read more here: Greenpeace - Protect the Rainforest)

Giving back is growing.


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