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 achieves self-discovery from collecting old bones. The bones are a metaphor for our buried selves. And because these bits become truly beautiful, once they're fully seen, jewellery is a wonderful translation.




Jewellery was founded in 2018 in London. In 2022 I moved to Germany. While my little workshop started in the bustling city, it is now in a small village near Trier. All jewellery is made locally by myself. Mostly with recycled metals and ethically sourced materials, and often with vintage gems and pearls. Casting and gold plating is done in the close-by jewellery town Idar-Oberstein. Many designs are made to order and I produce in small batches to avoid over-production.

I offer a repair service. Please just ask if ever in need of it. 




 is the original story teller, from tale to tale she teaches about shadow and light. Every story brings us closer to our dreams, makes us see clearer. Every jewellery piece has a story, too. It's the experience that we make gaining it, and the things that happen while wearing it. Our jewellery is like a diary of our journey. 



eva bittmann beach shells jewelry strand muscheln schmuck wyld woman jewellery

Like a weathered piece

lying in the sand

being washed ashore after hundreds of years.

Pieces made

with finds and clay

turned into silver, bronze and gold.

With love







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