100 Fair & Sustainable Brands that Are Actually In Fashion

The ethical fashion industry is in motion. There has been the development of new garment materials. I.e. Tencel, which they make of bamboo. And a rise of designers that love creative processes and nature more than the big bucks\

Following, there are more brands than ever before, that fit in one or more ethical categories! There are zero-waste producers. There are those that would do anything to reduce chemicals in production processes. There are the advocates of organic grown fibres and sustainable materials. And you can find them to be fair-traders, as well. They are exceptional in following their high ethical standards, while creating flattering clothes\

I have attempted to give an idea of the brands' style and ethical direction in one or two sentences. Thus, the ethical efforts of each brand are way more extensive than it can be described here\

Of course this list is not exhaustive and more lists are in the working. I would love to hear if you feel there is a brand/designer/project that everyone should know about!

100 Ethical Brands

1/ Reformation - Super fashionable feminine range filling the gap of looking sexy in ethical clothes. Majority of production in LA. reforma

2/ Siizu - Contemporary sleek design. Great transparency by website mentioning all factories. siizu

3/ Edun - Designer brand founded by Bono and Ali Hewson to promote African fair-trade. But even more exciting than the founders fame is there transparency and commitment.

4/ - Everlane - Contemporary classics working day to night. Great transparency on factories. everlane

5/ Tasi Travel - Feminine, natural clothing for the boho and wilderness prone. Made to order in Australia. tasi

6/ Kowtow - Contemporary & edgy at its best. Fair-Trade and sustainable from seed to packaging. kowtow

7/ Standard Issue - All about knitwear such as the amazing Tulle collection. Sustainably manufactured in New Zealand.

8/ Pact - Comfortable basics, loungewear and undies from V-neck Tee to Lounge Bralette. Sustainble and Fair-trade. pact

9/ Zady - Delicate office and day-to-night wear. Waste-conscious, fair slow fashion brand. zady

10/ Raven + Lily - Ethnic, contemporary, and fair-trade. ravenlily

11/ Tribe Alive - Bold cuts and patterns, minimalistic accessories. A worldwide artistic collaboration for women empowerment. tribealive

12/ Thought - Nature-infused, contemporary range, and in addition a great selection of sustainable socks. Organic, recycled, considered. Thought

13/ Krochet Kids- Fashionable relaxed styles. Their main cause is to break the cycle of poverty. KK

14/ Imaima- Design conscious label from Berlin with a modest collection. Fair-trade and chemicals reducing. Iimai

15/ Organic Basics - It's all that's in the name for this Danish brand. With the extension that they support the non-model body types. OB

16/ Gypsy05 - Sweet & feminine boho chic. Sustainable manufactured in LA. 05

17/ YSTR - Contemporary style. Ethically made in LA with cut-to-order collections.ystr 

18/ Delikate Rayne - LA rebel chic. Animal friendly and consciously made in LA. dr

19/ Rakha - Contemporary reduced designs. Building sustainable manufacturing communities. rakh

20/ Annaborgia - Long, feminine occasion dresses. Slow fashion manufactured sustainably. annaborg

21/ Mandkhai - Amazing cashmere designer pieces. From free-roaming goats in Mongolia. mandkh

22/ Shaina Mote - Nature inspired, trend-led, feminine fashion. Slow Fashion, made in LA. shainam

23/ Fonnesbech - Trendy designs from Danish heritage brand produced sustainably. fonnes

24/ Organic by John Patrick - Beautiful classics. Organic and sustainably made in NY. johnpat

25/ Slumlove - Lovely basics with a natural edge. Ethically and eco-consciously made in Kenya. slumlove

26/ Christopher Raeburn - Elevated streetwear designer featuring a huge Remade collection. The limited editions are made of such exciting materials as pre-flown kites.

27/ The Sway - Amazing leather jackets from up-cycled leather made with high ethical standards. 

28/ Stella McCartney - The lux label that makes other designer brands look old. Innovative approach to new sustainable manufacturing methods.

29/ People Tree - Contemporary fashion leading the path. Sustainable, fair, and transparent. peopletree

30/ Svilu - Contemporary, feminine, reduced. Responsibly sourced fabrics, mindfully made. svilu

31/ Mara Hoffman - Most fun and deluxe swimwear and apparel. Always aiming to produce with great responsibility.mH

32/ Lem Lem - Boho Ethiopian inspired fashion. Produced fair in Ethiopia, supporting traditional producers.lemlem

33/ Maison Cléo - French Chic made to order. So desired - they only open their e-shop once a week! That's commitment to their ethical practices!maisncl

34/ Mayamiko - Ethnic meets contemporary style. Organic, sustainble, fair.mayami

35/ Beaumont Organic - Casual, contemporary. Fair-trade and organic. Use of discarded fabrics: 'End of rolls'.BO

36/ Paloma Wool - Got to love the fun and creative approach styled and led as a project. Made in Barcelona. paloma

37/ Kuyichi - The perfect jeans and more. Using organic and recycled materials.kuy

38/ Kristinit - Femine, soft, simple. Responsible Manufacturing, and the empowerment of women.kristinit

39/ Vetements - The designer brothers Gvasalia are making headlines with subversive street-style - elevated. Addressing the waste problem by up-cycling. It's worth to click on that link and check the adds. vetements

40/ Eco Swim - Sexy swimwear. Festival-chic. Produced ethically in California.eco

41/ DL 1961 - A lot of denim. Sustainably manufactured. DL

42/ Sevya - Beautiful ethnic tunics and more. Committed to Fair-trade supporting woman artisans in India.sev

43/ Jesse Kamm - Cool and natural. Her flared pants are not just a sign of the time. Slow fashion made in California.jk

44/ BYEM - a fresh contemporary Scandi brand committed to sustainable manufacturing. byem

45/ Vildnis - Lovely pieces on the pulse of time. Committed to sustainable fabrics and manufacturing.vildnis

46/ Re/Done - Amazing denim for the fashionable and rebelious. Recycling old Levis jeans. re/done

47/ Maggie Marylin - Australian based high-fashion designer. Chic, sustainable and ethical. 

48/ Eileen Fisher - Beautiful fabrics and elegant designs. The most sustainable high-street brand. eilleen

49/ Amur - Very attractive designer pieces. Sustainable and re-used materials. amur

50/ Woron - chic loungewear, bodies and undies of the healthiest materials. Focusing on modal, organic cotton, reduced carbon-footprint, and working with certified factories. woron


51/ Noma - Festival chic. These heavily reduced items have all been hand-dyed by the designer. noma

52/ Hiut Denim - Fabulous jeans. A village took fate in its hand by reviving its denim manufacturing heritage.hiut

53/ Swedish Stockings - Socks and Tights. They just want to clean up the hosiery industry. swedish

54/ Jane Bourvis - Vintage wedding dresses redone in Notting Hill. Boho heaven.janebour

5/ One Vintage - Another boho heaven in Notting Hill. Fabulous dresses are remade.onevint

56/ Hotel - Boho luxe wear. From discarded curtain and vintage furnishing fabrics.hotel

57/ Diktart - Style for the skateboard and street culture. ethical and organic production, handcrafted in France.dikt

58/ Freeset - Scarves and bags with ethnic touch. Working hard to protect children from slavery.freeset

59/ Project Social Tee - California style tees, joggers, jumpers. Slow fashion with a percentage going to designated charities.project social

60/ Warglblarg - Yoga Wear / Slogan Basics from Berlin. Conscious slow fashion.warglb

61/ Patagonia - For the Outdoors. Sustainable  manufacturing based on their love for nature.pata

62/ Erlich - Sexy lingerie. Sustainably made in Europe.erlich

63/ Comazo Earth - Nice classic underwear. Great transparency on fair-trade practices. comazo

64/ Engel Sports - Classic sportswear. This brand sources their merino wool from certified farmers in South America and produces in Germany.engel

65/ Thokk Thokk - Contemporary style with alternative touch. Organic cotton, fair-trade. thokk

66/ Aikyou - Sexy lingerie for smaller busts. They are producing in Germany and Croatia, using organic cotton and employ an overall green company policy. aikyu

67/ Jaya - Cute yoga, dance and leisure wear. Fair and organic.jaya

68/ Grüne Erde - A classic German green company offering basics, lovely knits and more. Organic, fair, sustainable.grueneerde

69/ Hess Natur - As above an old player in the field with great office wear. hessnatur

70/ Nette Rose - Beautiful and delicate lingerie. Made by a small team in South Africa. Very transparent.neete

71/ Boob - Contemporary maternity and breast feeding wear. Giving to charities that support mothers and using sustainable materials.boob

72/ Deepmello - Chic and contemporary. Made of faux leather based on Rhubarb.deepmello

73/ Erdbär - Sophisticated modern casual wear by Austrian deep thinkers that aim to have the entire supply chain as climate neutral as possible.erdbar

74/ Found - Très chic SA label. Slow fashion in support of local entrepreneurs. found

75/ Gudrun Sjöden - Scandi quirky alternative fashion. Fair and sustainable.  gudrun sjo

76/ Siku Moja - Beautiful lingerie and nightwear. Slow fashion employing sustainable manufacturing. sikumoj

77/ Jan n' June - Contemporary work wear and day to day wear. Sustainable manufacturing with multiple certifications. jannjune

78/ Noctu - Nightwear and loungewear. 100% organic + Fairtrade® certified cotton. noctu

79/ AmaElla- Feminine nightwear and lingerie. Free from toxic chemicals. Earth-conscious. amaell

80/ Mila.Vert - Classic styles and work wear. Sustainable manufacturing in Slovenia where the brand originates. milavert

81/ Gesine Jost - German designer wear. Upcycling. gesine

82/ R.E.V. by Rêve en Vert - Minimal chic office and day-to-night pieces. Made from upcycled and ethical materials in London. rev

83/ Hati-Hati - Contemporary, Sexy, light, energetic, attractive. Fair-trade advocates based in Bali using less chemicals. hatihati

84/ J.Jackman - Attractive Business Attire. Made in Germany. Transparency about wages. jackman

85/ Jas. Slow Fashion - Lovely lingerie and accessories and more. Transparency, upcycled, made in Germany. jas

86/ Kluntje - Conemporary/80s styled fashion. Made to order. kluntje

87/ Komodo - Modern, with fashionable knitwear. Fair and sustainable. komodo

88/ L'amour est bleu - Contemporary day to day wear sustainably manufactured. lamourbleu

89/ Lalesso - African boho beach break wear. Works together with Africa-based brands. lalesso

90/ Plante - Feminine and contemporary. Made in NY, with a focus on waste reducing manufacturing. plante

91/ Pansy - This is different: Californian brand promoting natural body forms. 100% organic and spandex from recycled pet plastic. pansy

92/ Dolores Haze - Edgy, sexy, feminine. Supporting small manufacturers who are immigrants. dolores

93/ Amour Vert - Very pretty, contemporary fashion. Sustainably manufactured in the USA. am

94/ Ali Golden - Edgy, reduced fashion. Sustainably manufactured. aligolde

95/ Filippa K - Huge range of contemporary and fashionable clothing. Using recycled wool and avoiding chemicals where possible. The plan to make the whole range sustainable by 2030. fillipak

96/ Vyayama - Really hot contemporary yoga wear. Responsible manufacturing and sourcing. vyaya

97/ Finisterre - Surfer brand. Functional and sustainable products for sea lovers! fini

98/ Samantha Pleet - Smart and magical. Committed to fair trade production abroad and in USA. sam pleet

99/ Mud Jeans - All the jeans you need by this Dutch brand! Sustainable and fair trade certified denim. mud

100/ Noumenon - Sweet contemporary Dutch fashion. Ethical and Cruelty-free. Working with fabrics such as Tencel and organic cotton. nou


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