Make Your Wedding Ethical Because You Want To Be At Your Best

This is YOUR big day. This is a day you want to splash out on yourself and those you love. And, your loved ones, should only get the best.

In such a mindset it's easy to compromise on environment. We tend to create oodles of waste by using things just once and then discard them. Or even, kilos of meat. But are discardable goodies and Aberdeen Sirloin really the best? Or is it there something even better??

As we feel incredible grateful on our wedding day, we want to give back. We want to be the best version of ourselves. That's why it's a great move to make the theme of a wedding ethical, as it will help to offset any excesses. And it's a lot of fun, too! :)

Inspire your guests to wear their most ethical fancy dress

Tell your guests in the invite about the ethical wedding theme.

Let them know where they can find amazing occasion dresses from ethical brands, if they feel like buying a new outfit. Find here

Encourage them to wear second hand pieces. Notting Hill is full with second hand shops that are specialised in second hand evening wear. Or share this insider tip: The Oxfam shop on Westbourne Grove has always designer pieces at much better prices than regular second hand stores. With a bit of luck your guest finds a Stella McCartney here. Second hand Stella McCartney is AS ETHICAL AS IT GETS and also puts the wearer on the same level with royal wedding guests! :)

Vegan Food

There are enough wedding traditions we can preserve, it doesn't need to be the obligatory Roast Aberdeenshire Sirloin.

Instead let's do something special for the guests. As the vegan food industry is about to explode there are tons of books on how to be eventful and do something extraordinary. Like vegan Duck Egg Salad and Wild Antilope Rips a lá Farmacy. Find here

Also, there are some pretty amazing vegan cakes out there. Personally I don't understand the idea of a perfectly white cake, that looks like any other white cake. What is more charming than a cake that has a personality!?

The Dress

It's your day, it's your dress. The most loved dressed you'll ever own! If it's a new dress, think about a great way to give it an afterlife. Or hail it in your closet forever, which is totally understandable. 

THE address for beautiful boho vintage dresses is Jane Bourvis in Golborne Road, Notting Hill.

An absolutely amazing boutique is Their walk-in shop is based in Macclesfield. And, Rê, the sustainable luxury e-boutique just launched its bridal collection for everything that compliments the dress.

The only tableware that comes from China should be the China

It's not just that disposable tableware is lacking glamour, it is also really not necessary. 

Give-aways are great. I especially love to find a bag next to my hotel bed, that's filled with vitamin juice and aspirin. It's nice to be responsible on the disposable give-aways and make it something inspiring.

Where paper and plastic is inevitable it's really easy to find recyclable and biodegradable alternatives.

Now, let's all lean back and imagine that first dance as a married couple. :)


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